SATS Results

Here you will find information about the school’s results in the statutory assessments at the end of the academic year in 2014-15.

You can also find further information on the Ofsted ‘Data Dashboard’ by following the link below.

Newquay Junior Year 6 pupils have outdone themselves with excellent result in Reading, Writing, Maths and SpaG assessments.

After 4 years of working hard, it has all paid off with fantastic results in the 4 core areas of the curriculum.

Newquay Junior Academy SATS Results 2015 – 2016

Reading:            91% Level 4                41% Level 5

SpaG:                 83% Level 4                51% Level 5

Maths:               85% Level 4                40% Level 5 or above  16% Level 6

Writing:            89% Level 4                42% or above Level 5  5 % Level 6

Newquay Junior Academy SATS Results 2014-2015

Newquay Junior Academy SATS Results 2013-2014


(Please note Ofsted updates this data annually, so at certain times of the year data from a previous academic year, rather than the most recent year, will be shown.)

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